What kind of jean favors you according to your silhouette? Find out

What kind of jean favors you according to your silhouette? Find out

Know the effects of each type of jean on your silhouette and learn how to use them to look the way you like it most: Beautiful!

Make the most of your jeans! They are the best allies for an amazing look

We love jeans because we can combine them and create perfect outfits for every occasion.

However, have you ever wondered what your body type is and what style of jeans is ideal for styling your silhouette? Read on and learn how to identify the perfect jeans for you!

Each body is a different world, with characteristics and details that make us unique. Knowing our body type is not about physical condition or carvings but anatomical proportions, by identifying our predominant silhouette we can create balanced outfits that favor our natural beauty.

Here are the body types. Which one do you identify with?

  1. Triangle: the main feature is in the hip, this is predominantly and slightly wider than the shoulders, in addition, the thighs usually have a rounded shape.

    If, on the other hand, you do not want to pronounce this part of your body, you can wear straight boot or semi-bell jean that will give a balanced touch to your silhouette.


    To complete your look, wear a loose blouse or T-shirt, the sleeves also favor you as they will help you achieve a balanced visual effect.

  2. Inverted triangle: contrary to the previous category, here the shoulders are the center of attention, they are characterized by being a little wider than the hip and thighs.

    Our recommendation to you is very clear: Jeans Palazzo. Its cut is ideal for your body type as it will generate a very nice balance between your bottom and shoulders.


    Pair it with a tight top garment, avoid sleeves so you don't give your shoulders more weight, and look for V-necks that will help you look more stylized and tall.

  3. Hourglass: In this type of body the pronounced waist makes the difference, in addition, there tends to be similar proportions between shoulders and hips.

    If this is your body type a Skinny will be perfect for you, these jeans are characterized by being tight to the body and marking your silhouette that, in itself, is already balanced.


  4. Rectangle: a silhouette without many curves and that tends to look linear, the shoulders and hips are proportional and the waist is not pronounced.

    If this is your body type we recommend wearing High Shot jeans,its cut at the waist will help you to look a more pronounced and curved silhouette.


    You can wear them with a crop-top or blouse tucked into the jeans, the sleeves can also help you look balanced.

  5. Oval: as in the other cases, this silhouette is not linked to weight or size, here the shoulders and hips are aligned, the silhouette is slightly curvy and the abdominal area may be predominant.

    The best option if this is your body type is a jean fajisculpture. Its compressor effect on the waistband will help you to wear a more pronounced waist and highlight your silhouette delicately and comfortably.

    T6892A-jean-fajisculpture-oscuro-mujer (1).jpg

    Wear it with sleeved blouses to generate more balance between your hip and shoulders.

Now that you know your body type, you're ready to start wearing the perfect jeans to highlight the best of your figure and project all your safety and natural beauty.

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