The importance of women in the fashion industry

By: Trucco's Jeans

At Trucco's Jeans we recognize and commemorate our women. Real, free and confident women. Women who walk today making their mark and raising their voices to new horizons. Women who belong to our family and who make a difference today.

Talking about fashion, it's also talking about our women. As models, designers, brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs, industry revolutionarys, makeup artists, photographers, seamstresses and endless roles that exist for them in this sector. Therefore, to continue its commemoration, we will take a step through the past and importance of women in the fashion industry.

According to history, it can be said that fashion has gone through important moments for the female gender and its struggle for equality. Fashion has been and will be a revolutionary movement in the world, but also our reconstruction of what is in our way as a society. It is a form of communication, socializing, demonstrating our interests, relating to and talking about the world.

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Since the beginning of humanity, dress has been important, gave us shelter and defended us from the environment. Over time it became a communication tool that defined the roles of power and wealth; by then, dress was delegated only to men, who were the ones who made the costumes; however, women later began to support the work.

But it is until 1909 that women begin to set trends and great traits in the fashion industry, because this is where they free the the most freedom and a natural form from the Corset.

Then, in 1911, suffragettes were born, women who sought political participation and who began to use colors that set the trend at that time: purple, white and green. A few years later, in 1914 (about in World War I) appeared the women we called "Working Girls", who assume the work of the men who went to war and who used the necessary clothing to do so.

This is just the beginning of what would be the importance of women in the fashion industry. Women who clearly yelled at the world for their needs.

The story continues in 1918 with Coco Chanel, one of the most important representatives of the fashion industry. She was the one who began to implement the men's clothing inside women's clothing: trousers, collared shirts and dark colors. Meanwhile, Madeleine Vionnet revolutionized the feminine silhouette but from another perspective: wrapping the dresses to the body highlighting the curves.

And so gradually different trends appeared in the fashion industry, where the woman was protagonist or driving it: two-piece bath dresses reaching the bikini, actresses wearing tuxedos or trousers, the creation of the miniskirt by Mary Quant, the use of denim in women's garments after the Second World War , the Power Dressing, among many other iconic moments.

Thus, little by little, fashion was crossed by the thoughts and actions of the female genre, reaching the present day and achieving great changes in the industry. Turning the figure of the hidden woman to that of the independent, rebellious and free woman.

And because Trucco's Jeans recognizes history and lives up to what we've lived, we offer garments that talk about our women, those that are strong, who like their figure, who feel good about what they are and the garments they wear. We want to magnify the woman to make her feel free and unique as she is.

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