Note: the policies contained in this page apply exclusively to our online store

Non-contact and face-to-face purchases policy

Once the order is confirmed, it will be automatically redirected to the payment page. There you must follow the corresponding payment process. TRUCCOS does not store customers' financial information.

The same conditions will be carried out for the process with debit card (PSE), credit card or cash payments in the points assigned for this.

If the order is confirmed by the customer and the means of payment is with cash payment, TRUCCOS will separate the item but the sale will not be confirmed until the order is paid in full in the points assigned to do so in person and in the time stipulated to do so, which will be 48 (forty eight) hours from the moment in which the products are separated and the coupon or code is available to make the purchase in person. If the days are fulfilled to make the coupon cash and it was not paid, the pledge will return to the stock of the virtual store

If the process of in-person purchase of the product is completed between the stipulated dates and in the assigned establishments, the product will be dispatched once TRUCCOS is informed of the payment.

For non-contact purchases, once the purchase process is completed on the payment page and it has been verified and approved, TRUCCOS will make the delivery of the products to the address specified in the purchase information.

Shipping and delivery policy of the products

The shipment of the products will be made through a logistics operator and national transport, recognized in Colombia. The value of the shipment is included in the value of the pledge for deliveries in Colombia, but it is not included for deliveries abroad. Taxes, on import or export fees or charges, caused by the customs of other countries will not be included in the price of the pledge.

For purchases in cash, the shipment of the garments will be made once confirmed the payment of the same within the stipulated time and in the points of payment assigned.

The shipping times will be those determined by the national logistics operator, which correspond to the following:

  • Main and intermediate national cities between three (3) and five (5) business days that have delivery capacity.
  • Zonal municipalities and other destinations between five (5) and ten (10) business days.
  • Air areas, special destinations and international shipments between ten (10) and twenty (20) business days.

If you have problems with the delivery or delivery of your product you can contact the email or the telephone line +57 (4) 5120440 in the city of Medellín, Colombia.

The delivery of the product will be made at the address indicated at the time of submitting the offer by the buyer to any person of legal age who is inside the address.

TRUCCOS is not responsible for payments of products and shipments outside of the stipulated times to do so in face-to-face sales.

Return policy and product change

The buyer who is not satisfied with a product, for any of the following reasons, may request the return of the money or the request to change the product, only under the following circumstances:

  1. Size: if the garment is received with the sizing different from the one specified at the time of the order, it will be subject to change by TRUCCOS, which will be responsible for the logistics of the same. Example: a size eight (8) is requested and a size ten (10) arrives.
  2. Color: if the purchased garment arrives with a different color from the one specified at the time of the order, it will be subject to change by TRUCCOS, which will be responsible for the logistics of the same. Example: a military green trousers is requested and arrives beige.
  3. Fit (Type of fabric or silhouette): in the event that the garment that was ordered does not go according to the body of the person who exercised the purchase and does not last properly, it may be subject to change by TRUCCOS, which will be responsible for its logistics. Example: the garment is too wide or too narrow even with the correct size, which makes it uncomfortable.
  4. Manufacturing defect: if the garment has a manufacturing defect in the fabrics, seams, supplies, among others, this may be subject to change by TRUCCOS, which will be responsible for the logistics of it. Example: the garment is dislodged, the fabric is torn, the buttons, plates or buckles fall, the closures do not work.

The buyer must indicate his desire to return or exchange a product within ten (10) business days following receipt of the product at the address indicated at the time of making the offer. The notification must be made through email

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